GSG Contribution

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GSG strategic advisory services draws on a unique wealth of cross-cultural expertise that promotes a holistic understanding of the client’s business objectives. GSG conceives, proposes, and executes effective global strategies as well as serves as the financial institution’s confidential sounding board for bold ideas, new initiatives, and strategic decisions.

GSG contributions are three-fold:

  • To ensure the existence of the main elements that composes the basic ingredients of a proper governance system. These include: the board of directors and its committees, a well-developed strategy setting framework, a proper organization, efficient oversight policies and procedures, a sound informations system, and active risk based controls.
  • The existence of a good systems component is not sufficient by itself to ensure the existence of suitable governance. Proper governance requires applicable and active participation. GSG helps in developing a favorable governance culture within the entity.
  • The ultimate assessment of GSG is to enable the strategic repositioning of the targeted entity so as to benefit from the opportunities that avail themselves from the changing external environment. It will also help the entity to manage and mitigate all related risks professionally and effectively.