GSG Deliverables

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GSG provides financial institutions with support, advice, and the assurance to develop a complete set of governance policies and procedures, including compliance and regulatory risks management. A proactive rather than a monitoring approach to regulation is now a full time strategic necessity.

GSG has the ability to help stakeholders understand how the Entity acts as an owner representative by delivering the following:

  • A set of governance policies and procedures adapted to the strategic positioning of the considered financial entity. The policies and the procedures manual will cover those related to achieving good governance, including identification of Key Performance Index (KPI ).
  • Independent corporate governance benchmarking against industry peers – c.f. GSG Governance Index.
  • Help in establishing an appropriate corporate governance culture within the business.
  • Assessment of the current and future risk profile and impact of changes on the business model – including a description of the work to promote special interests relating to the long-term horizon and diversification of investments.
  • Developing and implementing a risk-based compliance control framework and monitoring program.
  • Evaluation of new regulations.
  • Advice and assistance with regulatory relations and in meeting regulatory standards and expectations.

By helping to minimize the cost of strategic organization, compliance, and/or operational disruptions, GSG drastically enhances its clients’ rational decision taking/making and competitive advantages.